DP Dressage Team said goodbye to Galopin de la Font

Feb 24, 2022
Text: DP Dressage · Lusitano World / Rita Fernandes

DP Dressage said goodbye to a dear friend and lifetime partner - Galopin de la Font, 'PinPin' for his friends.

Now that Galopin is running free, it's time for us to honor him and celebrate this special horse: he truly was one of a kind and we feel blessed to have had him as part of our family. 


Galopin de la Font - an enviable sportive career

A Lusitano ahead of his time, Galopin was born to shoot for the stars. His will to succeed and warrior spirit guided him to top level sports under his partner's saddle, Daniel Pinto - this horse certainly imprinted his mark on Daniel Pinto’s career.

▪ In 2006, the duo conquered a spot on the Portuguese team for the World Equestrian Games in Aachen.

▪ In 2007, they headed to Las Vegas to dispute the World Cup Final. In this same year, the team also took part in the European Championship in Turin.

▪ 2008 became THE year: Daniel and Galopin made it to Hong Kong Olympics. 

▪ In 2009 the duo represented their country on the European Championship in Windsor.

▪ In 2010, they participated on the Nations' Cup at Saumur. The last international participation of Galopin goes back to this year, at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington. 


Galopin de la Font - licensed Lusitano stallion

'PinPin' nailed it not only in sports, but he also proved to be a fantastic sire, with proven sportive quality descendants - he really had it all!

Bred by Massa, as a sire Galopin stood out also by his offspring quality which includes the WCYH participant 'Malmcolm X de Massa', Small Tour horses 'Come Back de Massa' and 'Da Vinci de Massa' and Grand Prix horse 'Nevado de la Font'.


'PinPin' will always have a special place in the heart of Pinto family 🖤

Proud, spirited, charismatic, powerful, this how we will also remember Galopin! A true warrior who kept faithful to his strong and captivating personality until his last breath, at the age of 28.

«Our hoof beats together were many, but our hearts have always beaten as one» – RIP our champion!