Broken Expectations in Munich

May 17, 2021
Text: DP Dressage · Photos: Lusitano World

We are back from Munich with broken heart and crashed dreams!

Santurion arrived safe and sound to Germany, succeeded at the vet check and deliver wonderfully in the warming of last Friday. However, all expectations subverted shortly after entering the arena. Santurion de Massa shown difficulties and tension, being irregular in the trot work – the competition was over for Daniel and Santurion.

Daniel explains «this competition was an important check point at the recovery of Santurion to the big stage, as the stress of a big journey always adds a new level of difficulty for our horses. We were extremely happy with the splendid return of Santurion after a long 2 years break. All pointed to a full recovery: we got the Portuguese vice-champion title last year and we succeeded in several competitions with excellent scores! Most of all, I personally must highlight the great felling Santurion was giving me under saddle! He was back to his competitive mood, proving to be happy and in great shape! All looked effortless for him!»

Unfortunately, we all know that equestrian sport also has unexpected setbacks. Facing the end-results of last week, Daniel adds that «Santurion revealed similar symptoms as the ones that made us redrawn for the last World Championship. We are now extra careful with identifying what might have caused these symptoms and we will take proper time to, within our team, decide what will come next!»

One thing is for sure – the well-being and happiness of our equine athletes is, always has been, and will always be our top priority! #Twohearts!